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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Jintronix?
Jintronix is a unique telemedicine service designed for physical therapists. It allows patients to practice clinically designed rehabilitation exercises from just about anywhere, and therapists can view a patient's progress from anywhere as well. The system utilizes Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor bar.
2. What Range Of Clinical Objectives Can Jintronix Address?
Jintronix rehab modules are adaptive to the level of a patient's functional and cognitive abilities. Jintronix is designed to train patients in:
> Balance and mobility
> Muscle strengthening & endurance
> Flexibility and range of motion
> Fall prevention
> Postural control
> Motor control and relearning
> Bilateral coordination
3. Which Patients Are Suitable For Jintronix Use?
Jintronix offers rehabilitation protocols created and tested by clinicians for :
> Neurological : Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury
> Orthopaedic : Post-surgical rehabilitation for hip and knee replacements, chronic pain
> Cardiac: Heart and cardiovascular diseases
> High-risk patients : Fall prevention, ACL-tear prevention
4. What Are The Features Of Jintronix?
Gaming Exercises
What attracts patients and clinicians to Jintronix is the focus it puts on enjoyable games that each target clear clinical objectives.
> Fun
> Competitive 
> Simulate real-world tasks 
> Tailored to match the level of patient's level and goals
> 10 level difficulties with customization capabilities
> 20+ gamified activities
Graphics & Features Are Regularly Updated. Pictures Seen Here Are Just A Guide. 
Interactive Coach-Guided Exercises
Virtual coach demonstrates each prescribed exercises, monitors patient's movements, counts their repetition and provides feedback to ensure patients are performing each exercise correctly
> Virtual coach assistance
> Sitting, Standing, Supine Exercises
> 42+ exercises
Interactive Coach-Guided Exercises
Jintronix includes a set of standardized patient progress assessments that increase clinical efficiency by rapidly and precisely measuring patient progress.
> Sit-to-stand & functional reach
> Upper-body & lower-body range of motion
> 18+ exercises
5. What Are Benefits To The Value-Driven Health System?
Reduce Cost Per Episode
> Reduce readmission rate by providing intensive, cost-effective rehabilitation throughout
   an episode of care
> Reduce clinican home visits by providing remote clinician monitoring
> Discharge patients earlier from post-acute stay by continuing intensive rehabilitation from
Prevent Injury
> Prevent falls and lower hospitalization rate with higher exercise adherence & patient fitness
Improve Patient Experience
> Promote wellness through innovative technology
> Empower patients with the opportunity to see their own progress
> Engage love ones by keeping them informed through automated progress reports
Access Accurate Date
> Increase knowledge around which exercise protocols lead to the best outcomes
> Improve risk management with more accurate patient profiling
6. Is The Kinect Camera Accurate?
Accurate To Clinical Standards
> Yes, Studies have shown that the accuracy of Jintronix using the Kinect is between 4 - 6 degrees, well within accepted range for joint measurement
7. what system software & hardware do I need?
1. Original Jintronix Rehabilitation System Software 
2. Laptop Or Personal Computer meeting the following minimum specifications:
              Operating System: Windows 8 and above
              Processor: Intel® Core i3 4150, or equivalent
              Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 745, or equivalent
              Memory: 6 GB RAM
              Storage: 2 GB available HD space (SSD for optimum performance)
              Super Speed USB 3.0 Required
3. Internet connection with stable minimum download and upload speeds of 10 Mbps
4. (Optional) laptop/PC to TV adaptors, e.g. HDMI cable or equivalent for connection      to large screen  TV
5. (Optional) Kinect TV mount.  Required if Kinect camera cannot be placed effectively and safely on existing furniture. 
It is not recommended. Jintronix performance can be affected with choppy graphics performance if lower specification laptop/personal computers are used.
8. Can I use a laptop/personal computer with lower specifications?
Go to to test internet speed
Jintronix requires internet connection with stable minimum download and upload speeds of 10 Mbps
9. How do I test internet test speed?
NOTE : Some administrators may block this website 
10. Where to buy accessories? 
Accessories purchased will be depend final operational strategy adopted and site constraints
Guide only
1. - AV Cart with Cabinet
2. - Storage trolley
3. - Mobile workstand / TV mobile stand
4. - Seminar table/Management Table
5.  - Folding tables
6.  Ikea Singapore - Mobile table
7. - Mobile table
8. - TV mobile stand [ Retail Store Located In Sim Lim Square - See Below)
9. - TV stand mobile cart
1. - TVs/Monitors
2. - TVs
3. - TVs/Monitors
1. Singtel - Data plan & wifi dongle
2. M1 - Data plan & wifi dongle
3. Starhub - Data plan & wifi dongle
1. - Monitors
2. Sim Lim Square - Multiple Retail Stores Sell Monitors
Weight Estimates (Check Product Specifications To Confirm)
Lightweight Laptop:  1.36kg to 2.8kg
Heavyweight Laptop : minimum 2.8 kg and above
Desktop :  minimum 1.8 kg and above
Kinect Camera & Adaptor : 2 Kg
Monitor: 24in: 3.4kg to 4.1kg;  27in : 4.0kg to 4.9kg ; 29in :4.8kg to 9.0 kg; 32 In: 7.25kg to 12.5kg
FC-A330 TV Mobile Mount
(32 in to 90 in LED TV)
Price: $390.00 Including Delivery 
Retail Store located at
#02-37, Sim Lim Square
Tel: 63380404
HTCNH02 Hospital  Mobile Rack
(Up to 27 in LED TV)
Price: $1198.00 Including Delivery 
FC-A330 TV Mobile Mount
(60 in to 105 in LED TV)
Price: $550.00 Including Delivery 
Other Useful Information
1. Full & Updated Jintronix Library  
2. Full Operating Manual
3. Full Set Up Instructions
4. Confidential FAQ
Information Available Under Clincian Guide
(Password Required)
5. Full Jintronix & Log In Instructions
6. Full Maintenance Instructions
7. Full Trouble Shooting Instructions
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