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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Jintronix?
Jintronix is a unique telemedicine service designed for physical therapists. It allows patients to practice clinically designed rehabilitation exercises from just about anywhere, and therapists can view a patient's progress from anywhere as well. The system utilizes Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor bar.
2. Where Can I Buy Jintronix?
Jintronix is only available through prescription by trained therapists. List of Local Rehabilitation Hospitals/Centres that use Jintronix are listed on the Home Page. 
3. My Rehabilitation Specialist has prescribed Jintronix for the home, what system software & hardware do I need?
1. Original Jintronix Rehabilitation System Software 
2. Laptop Or Personal Computer meeting the following minimum specifications:
              Operating System: Windows 10
              Processor: Intel® Generation 8 ; Core i5  and above (or equivalent)
              Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950 and above (or equivalent)
              RAM Memory: 8 GB
              Super Speed USB 3.0 Required 
              Harddisk : 120 SSD  (Windows 10 requires 16GB to 20 GB and
                                           Jintronix requires 2 GB). Increase Hard Disk Capacity 
                                           for other software requirements. 
              Note: 1. Kinect does not function on USB2 port or controller 
                      2. Only USB 3 Controller from Intel and Renesas are supported
                      3. Kinect may not function correctly if it is on the same USB3 
                         controller as other devices
                     4. Direct X11 compatible graphics card capable of roughly 150 GFLOPS of
                         computing power
3. Internet connection with stable minimum download and upload speeds of 10 Mbps
4. (Optional) laptop/PC to TV adaptors, e.g. HDMI cable or equivalent for connection      to large screen  TV
5. (Optional) Kinect TV mount.  Required if Kinect camera cannot be placed effectively and safely on existing furniture. 
4. Can I use a laptop/personal computer with lower specifications?
It is not recommended. Jintronix performance can be affected with choppy graphics performance if lower specification laptop/personal computers are used.
5. How do I test internet test speed?
Go to to test internet speed
Jintronix requires internet connection with stable minimum download and upload speeds of 10 Mbps
Other Useful Information
1. Full Set Up Instructions
3. Full Maintenance Instructions
2. Full Jintronix & Log In Instructions
Information Available Under Patient Guide
(Password Required)
4. Full Trouble Shooting Instructions
5.  Full Operating Manual
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